Unattractive vehicle scratches can detract from a vehicle’s overall value and curb appeal. That is why, before offering automobiles for resale or rental, automotive enterprises must have a system in place to repair car scratch.

Tiger Auto Repair professionals can often repair auto scratches without needing a complete coat of paint, saving our customers money and time. Scratches on doors, hoods, fenders, and bumpers may all be repaired using our equipment.

Scratch repair

Tiger is committed to improving the process of small to medium car repairs by providing long-lasting, dependable, and satisfaction-guaranteed repairs.

We are your choice for fast, affordable, and reliable scratch repair service in the Mississauga area.

If your vehicle needs services other than scratch repair service, Tiger offers many other services related to vehicles:

Repairs in small-to-medium areas Technology is a method of automotive scratch repair and dent repair used by our experts. We are restoring tiny sections of automotive bodywork damage, rather than having to repair or replace an entire car panel. by focusing solely on the region that needs to be fixed. We can deliver car repairs that are significantly faster and less expensive. Above all, by using this method than we can use typical car repair techniques.

The good is that we can help you remove any scratches from your car, no matter how deep they are. Whether the scratch is small and only affects the clear coat layer of the car’s surface. or if it penetrates the base coat or primer, we can help.

scratch repair in Mississauga

During the automobile scratch repair &restoration process, a gadget called a “spectrophotometer” . it’s used to produce an accurate color match. which matches the manufacturer’s finish on your car with pinpoint accuracy. This means that instead of having to repaint an entire panel, our Tiger Auto Repair experts will just need to repaint the damaged area. The spectrophotometer also guarantees that the repair will mix in with the rest of the vehicle.

spectrophotometer in tiger auto preair

Whether you need a single car scratch removed or several scuffs restored, the work may be completed in a short period of time. restoring your vehicle’s paintwork to a high-quality finish. Tiger Auto Repair can help you get your automobile looking like new in no time, no matter how big or deep the scratch is.

Professionals at Tiger focus solely on the area of the car that needs repair, without the need to repair a larger area than necessary.

To remove any dirt or wax that can interfere with the repair, we start by washing and drying the damaged area. The damaged area is then sanded back after carefully masking off the adjacent panels. We may then layer by layer fix the damage, which is then treated using an infrared lamp. To achieve a high-quality color-matched finish, the entire area is skillfully primed and resprayed in thin layers. Finally, the paintwork is polished and buffed to make it look brand new.

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