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When was the last time you looked at your car’s paint job again? Or did you run your fingers over the hood? It’s time you fell back in love with your car again. Allow us to apply a fresh coat of paint to your aged wagon, and you’ll soon be driving the car you’ve always wanted with Tiger Auto Repair’s Vehicle Paint Services.

Vehicle Paint Services

Tiger Auto Repair offers 3 types of packages.

1- Basic Paint Service

To renew the appearance of your vehicle, we use a single-stage enamel paint. Our Basic Service comes with a one-year warranty and provides a nice gloss and accurate color match for your vehicle.

2- Preferred Paint Service

Looking for more durability but yet need to stick to a budget? Our Preferred Service, which comes with a three-year warranty, is the best option. This single-stage coating uses urethane, which is significantly more robust than enamel finishes and resists chipping.

3- Premium Paint Service

Our two-stage Premium Service is unsurpassed in terms of appearance and performance. This service, which comes with a five-year warranty, provides the finest level of durability, the best possible glossy finish, and a superb color match that you will want to flaunt for years.

  • Complete paint jobs
  • Spray-on truck bed liners
  • Line-X and Speedliner
  • Computer matching
  • On-site mixing system
  • Axalta paint products

1- Body Repair

Are you concerned that little dents and unattractive scratches will harm your paint job? No need to be concerned; our body shop professionals have reduced the process of removing imperfections to a five-step procedure that ensures your finish is free of small dents and unattractive scratches.

Body Repair

2- Surface Preparation

What is the significance of surface maintenance? Do you have any chips, scratches, cracks, or peeling paint on your vehicle? If left untreated and exposed to the outdoors, these issues might eventually destroy your paint job. Repairing these flaws will ensure that your vehicle has the smoothest finish and greatest shine possible. Our estimators at Tiger Auto Repair analyze your car and make recommendations for repairs based on its condition. We provide a variety of low-cost surface prep methods to ensure that your vehicle looks amazing. A little prep work before the paint goes on can ensure that the sheen and luster last for years.

3- Surface Sealer

Have you ever noticed how some paint jobs don’t last long after they’ve been applied? It’s possible that the old paint mixed with the fresh, resulting in an inconsistent color and shine. Sealer establishes a barrier between the old and fresh paint, which is quite significant. This guarantees that the color and gloss are constant over the whole painted surface. We have three types of sealer at Tiger Auto Repair. The best option is one that focuses on durability and, ultimately, the amount of prep work required for your specific car. When it comes to the long-term endurance of your vehicle’s paint, sealer aids in maintaining a consistent gloss.

Vehicle Paint Services

4- Paint services

Tiger Auto Repair offers three paint packages: Basic, Preferred, and Premium, each tailored to your unique demands and economic considerations. Each of the three services is distinguished by two factors: the paint’s longevity, which includes warranty/durability, and the paint’s look, which includes gloss, color match, and metallic appearance.

5- Protection & finish

A fantastic paint job necessitates excellent protection. Clear coatings are frequently applied to paint works to not only protect the paint, but also to ensure a precise gloss match and a smooth restoration.

6- Proper car care

Car care may make a big difference in the longevity and beauty of your new paint. The proper upkeep can keep your car’s color and gloss while also protecting it from the elements.

  • Wash your car regularly
  • Avoid driving on sand, salt or loose gravel
  • Park in the shade, but avoid trees

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