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1075 Fewster Dr #5, Mississauga, ON L4W 1A2, Canada

Auto Body Repair

Auto Body Repair,Collision repair
Auto Body Repair Services

Auto Body Repair

Tiger Auto Body Repair (1075 Fewster Dr, Mississauga, ON L4W 1A2, Canada) Repairing Damaged Light And Heavy Vehicles. In addition Including External Body Damage, Metal Panel Installation.

As Well As Work On Complex Mechanical Parts According To The Highest Standards Of Safety And Workmanship.

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What Makes This Skill Special?

Automobile Mechanics Face A Challenge Known To Most Of Us, Which Is To Return A Vehicle Smashed Due To An Accident To A Working, Safe, And Presentable Condition That Is As Close As Possible To Its Original Pre-Accident Condition. At The Same Time, The Reclaimed Vehicle Must Be Subject To A Strict Set Of Specifications Set By Its Manufacturer.

Tiger Auto Body Repair Services:

If The Car Has Had An Accident Or Has Dangerous Spots Of Wear, Do Not Despair. Tiger Auto Body Repair Service Employs Professionals Who Will Carry Out A Repair Body And Return The Car As Quickly As Possible. Contact Us, Our Prices Will Bless You.
To Carry Out Repair Work, We Use Only High-Quality Professional Materials, Tools, And Equipment For Checking Body Geometry And Performance.
After Serious Accidents, It Is Important Not Only To Restore The Appearance But Also To Ensure Driving Safety, To Ensure That There Is No Damage On The Parts Hidden From View.

You can check our services here:

  1. Collision Repair
  2. Scratch Repair
  3. Vehicle Paint Services
  4. Paintless Dent Removal
  5. Windshield Repair
  6. 24 Hour Towing

Why Should Auto Body Repairs Be Done In Time?

If The Car Body And Painting Work Is Carried Out At The Suitable Time, The Metal Will Avoid Corrosion. So, do You Want Your Car To Be Like New? Hurry Up To Contact Us.

Advantages Of Body Work In Tiger Auto Body Repair Services:

Tiger Auto Body Repair Present Simple and Clear Conditions. It Takes No More Than Five Hours To Make A Minor Correction And Restore Paintwork. It Takes Up To 30 Minutes or more To Smooth Surface Scratches. These Repairs Are Made On The Day Of The Call.

  • Tiger Provide Maximum Preservation of the Original Car Paint.
  •  Save Money As Tiger Present The Best Quality With The Suitable Prices.
  •  The Most Accurate Color Matching You Can Found in Tiger Auto Body Repair.
  •  No Trace of the Repairing. Tiger Auto Body Repair Concept: Repairing Must Be Invisible.

Tiger Auto Body Repair Services, What And How:

  •  Restore The Previous Body Shape.
  •  Work On The Repair Of Body Parts After An Accident.
  •  Scratch Removal.
  • Body Painting and Polishing.

Depending On The Complexity Of The Repair Work On The Structure, It Can Be Divided Into Two Categories:

  •  Minor Repairs (Services to Remove Dents and Dents, Paint and Varnish Parts).
  • Complex Work (Correction of Significant Damage to the Body, Replacement of The Bumper, Repair of Doors, Hood, Roof).

How To Choose the Best Place To Repair?

We will Give You A Series Of Tips With Which You Can Find The Right Workshop To Repair Your Car. To-Do This, You Need To Walk Into The Service Station And Auto Repair Shops And Monitor Their Work. By The Following Clues, You Can Identify A Reliable Workshop:

  • Take A Look At The Tiger Auto Body Repair Equipment. For A High-Quality Auto Repair, Is Necessary To Repair Both Minor Scratches And Deep Scratches. For Accurate Repairs, It Is Necessary To Take Measurements At The Control Points Using A Walkway. And For the Repair Of Non-Removable Body Parts, It Is Necessary To Have Hydraulic Equipment For The Body.
  •  Modern Equipment In The Tiger Auto Body Repair Is Another Guarantee Of The Fact That The Professional Workers In It. And Vice Versa, The Lack Of Innovative Equipment Does Not Always Indicate A Bad Car Service, Since Qualified Specialists Can Work There And The Prices For Their Services Can Be Quite Acceptable.

Tiger Auto Body Repair High-Quality Repair Includes Several Stages:

  1. Diagnosis: At This Stage Of Repair, The Degree Of Damage To The Car Is Determined, And The Steps Of Repairing Operations To Restore The Car Is Determined.
  2.  Repairing Work: The Main Task At This Stage Is To Repair The Body And Return It To Its Original Shape.
  3.  Painting: The Final Stage Of Structural Repair Is The Application Of Paint.

Tiger Auto Body Repair Types:

1. Light Auto Body Repair:

This Type Includes Light Damage, Small Scratches. These Repairs Are Quickly Repaired and Its Price Is The Lowest.

2. Body Repair Of Medium Complexity:

During This Work, Specialists Perform Welding, Painting, And Body Polishing Operations. These Repairing Are More Expensive.

3. Auto Body Complex Repairs:

These Operations Are Performed After Serious Accidents That Have Resulted In Severe Damage.

If Your Car Body Is Made Of Aluminum Or Carbon Fiber, Your Car Is Safe. But If The Body Is Made Of Steel, And There Are About 99% Off These Cars, Then You Should Think About Taking Care Of Your Body. Sometimes Even A Very Slight Damage To The Coating Is Enough To Start Corrosion, And If It Is Not Stopped In Time, It Will Lead To Serious Damage. Do Not Forget That This Affects The Safety Of The DamagedVehicle.

Tiger Auto Body Repair (1075 Fewster Dr, Mississauga, ON L4W 1A2, Canada) Is A Complete Or Partial Restoration Of The Body, Whether From Removable Or Non-Removable Parts. In conclusion, The Purpose Of Auto Body Repair Is To Identify And Repair Hidden And Visually Accessible Damage. Hidden Damage Includes Corrosion, Micro-Scratches, And Metal Damage.

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