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Auto Paint Services

Auto Body Repair,painting cars
paint aervices in Mississauga

Auto Paint Services

Tiger Auto Repair in Mississauga, Canada provides Auto paint Services saving your time and effort with an amazing result. This company is beyond incredible.

Many people think painting your vehicle is simple, but it’s actually a procedure that requires precision, and professionalism.

Collision and Auto Body Repair, Scratch and Dent Repair, Vehicle Paint Services, Paintless Dent Repair, Windshield and Glass Repair, and 24-Hour Towing are all services we offer. The car will look almost new!

You can check our services here:

  1. Collision Repair
  2. Scratch Repair
  3. Vehicle Paint Services
  4. Paintless Dent Removal
  5. Windshield Repair
  6. 24 Hour Towing

Tiger All Services

Tiger Auto Repair in Mississauga, Canada  provides different methods of Auto painting

Each type of painting requires different techniques and different tools.

1. spraying

2. Dipping

3. brushing

// Spraying

Spraying is the most common technique. For its various advantages

  • economic
  • time-saving
  • easy
  • high Quality

Spraying is better for full-body paint so not used for touch-ups or smaller, more detailed work.

car painting in Mississauga

It is achieved using a paint gun that hooks up to an air compressor.

// Dipping

  • It’s not for smaller shops or home shops as it requires tubs of paint.
  • It’s, not the best method to paint the vehicle.
  • It’s the only advantage when you want to coat a part entirely.

// Brushing

Also using brushing is limited as it’s for Small areas. Hard to reach places.  Fine detailing works.

Car Brushing, Mississauga.

As we see, Dipping and brushing are not the most common way of auto paint who do full-body paints much more frequently, but they are still widely used for smaller jobs.

How Tiger Auto Repair in Canada prepares the car for painting?

  1. remove any dents.
  2. Fill in depressions and for the filler to harden.
  3. sanding your filler material
  4. Use an electric orbital sander to remove paint from large areas.
  5. remove debris.
  6. Cover the areas surrounding your painting surfaces.

All these procedures Tiger Auto Repair does in order to obtain smooth, glossy surfaces to apply paint.

How much does painting cost in Tiger Auto Repair in Mississauga, Canada?

It totally depends on the quality of the paint.

Coatings of Auto painting in Tiger Auto Repair

1. primer

It’s the first coat

  •  acts as a leveler so a smoother surface is created by leveling out these defects and  the final result is better.
  •  protects the vehicle from corrosion.
  • making it easy for paints to stick to the surface.

2. Base coat “the paint”

The second layer after primer.

Provides properties of color and effects. divided into three categories:

  • solid paints have no sparkle effect.
  • metallic paints create a sparkling and grainy effect.
  • paints “pearls”

3. Clearcoat

sprayed on top of basecoat.

  • It’s glossy and transparent
  • It must resist abrasion

Finally, it must be chemically stable to withstand UV light.

Not anyone who can fix a car can also paint it, so you must make sure that the company you choose can do that.

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