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Car Scratches Repair

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Car Scratches Repair

For a car aficionado, car scratches are very annoying to them. I mean nobody who loves their car can stand it, it looks really boring in our car. Before we discuss a way to grasp fixed, we’d like to know everything about the categories of scratches that our car gets. Each type incorporates a different treatment so without wasting any time let’s understand each and everything about it.

What is the various kind of car scratches?

Car Scratches are divided into three categories: clear coat scratches, primer-level scratches, and deep-paint scratches. They range in visibility from barely perceptible to deep or in expert tone.

1. Clear-coat scratch 

car scratch repair
As we all know that there’s an awfully thin layer of clear coat that protects the car paint from environmental issues. For example, direct exposure of sunlight, Acid rain, Dust, etc. If the scratch sustains to it only then car scratch repair is often finished with ease. In other words,  removing car scratches from the clear coat layer is the easiest task.

2. Primer scratch.


Primer car scratches example

A primer is another protection that manufacturers raise our car’s body to allow it stunning, shining, and smoother surface. If car scratches track the clear coat layer and exposed to Primer coating and at that level of harm, the body paint will ruin and there’ll be a small if preventative measures aren’t performed promptly, there a risk of rusting .this can require longer and expertise to urge it fixed and recommend to color the full part to avoid uneven difference of paint.

3. Paint scratch.

It’s quite difficult to repair a scratch when it’s so bad that you can only see the metal sheet underneath the layers. These different types of car scratches occur when someone intentionally damages your vehicle with a sharp object, such as a stone, a key, or another object, or when there is a catastrophic accident. To prevent the other key cause, it is advised to demand corrective actions as soon as possible.

How does Tiger fix car scratches?

There are different car scratches remover treatments depending upon the severity level. for example, if there are some minor scratches, we’ll remove them reception using several methods. but if the damage is just too deep then, You must leave the task to us.

At Tiger Auto Body Repair, scratches repairs are removed. this is done with a polishing pad and scratch removal solution. firstly, The surface is washed so there’s no dust or debris lodged on the surface. After that, a microfiber cloth is used to dry the surface. Using the buffing pad a tiny low amount of solution is rubbed onto the surface. finally, the surplus is wiped off and is left to cure.

Professional denting/painting for deep car scratches

Professional denting painting is the only way to go. Contact Us, Our experts will remove a ding on your car and ensure ideal showroom-finish results. Here may be a brief excerpt. The professional starts by washing the car thoroughly to get rid of any contaminants and debris. Using sandpaper, the professional removes excess paint until the core of the scratch is seen. We care about the movement of paint removal. it should get on the side of the scratch to avoid further scratches within the other way. Furthermore, many alternative grits of sandpaper are used for a distinct level of scratches like 1500, 2000, etc.

Car Scratches Repair Service.

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