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Power window repair

Collision repair,window repair
power window repair, Mississauga

Power window repair

If you want to be able to control your windows, you need to fix them, as the power window system allows you to roll your windows.
Our professional technicians at Tiger Auto Repair in Mississauga, Canada will ensure that you receive the best service for you.
When we fix your side power window, the motor will work how it used to.

Power window repair

Why you should choose Tiger Auto Repair?

Tiger Auto Repair will fix your window
1. Fast.
2. efficiently.
3. With High-quality parts.
4. In Competitive pricing.

What causes power windows to stop working?

1. high wear After excessive use.
2. faulty switches.
3. damaged window tracks” Faulty window regulator.
4. snow and ice exposure
5. overheated window motors.
6. broken motor.
7. cable pulley.
8. blown fuse.

Tiger Auto repair’s Professional technicians use diagnostic tools to repair them.

How long does Tiger Auto Repair take to fix a power window?

Our experienced technicians can complete most power window repairs in one hour. But if multiple parts of a power window need to be replaced, the process may run longer.

How much does it cost to fix a power window at Tiger Auto Repair in Mississauga, Canada?

 The total cost to replace a power window varies depending on the type of repair and parts.

How does “ Tiger Auto Repair” repair the power window?

Disconnecting the Window from the Motor

1. Remove the interior door panel.
Interior door panels are held in place with plastic fasteners. They may be held in place with metal screws. You can remove these fasteners or screws by pulling on them.
2. remove the plastic door cover.
Beneath the door panel, you can find a translucent layer of plastic that protects the interior of the vehicle. So pull the door off carefully.
3. Locate the window mounting bolts.
There are different places the window mounting bolts may be. but it should be apparent when looking into the door.
4. Move the window to access the bolts.
5. Remove the bolts.

Remove the bolts

6. Raise the window up into the door frame.
7. Use tape to secure the window in place.

Disconnecting the Motor and Regulator

1. Remove the window regulator bolts.
2. remove the window motor mounting bolts.
3. Disconnect the motor wiring harness connector.
4. Remove the motor through the access port.
5. Connect the regulator to the new motor.

Installing a New power window
1. Slide the new motor back into place.
2. Replace the mounting bolts.
3. Reconnect the electrical connector.
4. Remove the tape and lower the window down.
5. Insert the window mounting bolts.
6. Reinstall the plastic liner and interior panel.


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