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Scratch and dent repair

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Scratch and dent repair

Scratch and dent repair

It’s a method of removing dents and scratches from the body of vehicles provided by Tiger Auto repair in Mississauga, Canada.

Why Choose Tiger for Scratch and dent repair?

Tiger Auto Repair offers you a team of dent and scratch repair technicians in Mississauga, Canada.

They have decades of experience getting body dents and scratches removed from vehicles!

Scratch and dent repair

types of car scratches

Three types are defined by the depth that they go into the vehicle’s paint.

1. Clear Coat Scratches

Rocks and other debris from the road are the cause of these.

2. Primer Scratches

Reach the paint layer or the primer layer but don’t expose the metal. These are more costly than clear coat scratches.

for example, Car accidents and tree branches.

3. Deep Paint Scratches

Most expensive scratch. These scratches expose the metal of the car. Occur in car wrecks.

Method of scratch repair by Tiger Auto Repair in Mississauga

1. Wash and dry the car

the dirt could create more scratches, so you may want to rinse the scratched area extra time to be certain that it is clean.

2. Sand the scratched area

3. Rinse and dry the area

 Rinse away the debris left by sanding.

4. Spray coats of primer onto the sanded areas.

Choose a primer that is close to the color of your car’s paint.

5. Apply coats of paint that match your car.

6. Wax the scratched area.

The Importance of Removing Scratches From Your Car

1. Scratches and dents lower the value of your car.

Repairing scratches Is very important as it increases the value of the car, especially if it is a new car.

2. Rust Forming

As the clear coat on the paint is damaged.

3. Car scratches look unprofessional.

4. allow the debris to get into the layers of your vehicle’s bodywork.

5. Car scratch removal saves your money

This is because many insurance companies give discounts for repairs.

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