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Side window replacement

window repair
auto glass side glass replacement

Side window replacement

Common Causes Of Broken Car Side Windows

Side window replacement


1. Maybe from road debris
2. a break in your side window as a result of an attempt to break-in.
3 in an accident
4. Heat

Breaks inside windows of your car are called “surprise breaks”. breaks in car side windows are often silent.
Unlike the broken glass in your windshield or your car’s back glass, where you may have seen or heard the damage.
calling Tiger Auto Repair in Mississauga, Canada to replace your window is the best way to get your window fixed quickly. Ensuring that the glass is as good as the original piece.

How “ Tiger Auto Repair “Replaces a Car Window

Side window replacement

1. Pry off any plastic panels with a flathead screwdriver.
2. Removing the plastic panels will reveal screws needs to be removed.

3. Unscrew the window crank or switch.
In manual windows, there’s one screw that holds the crank in place. But in power windows, unscrew the switch.
4. Remove the door handle.
5. Remove the door panel.
7. Remove the air barrier.
8. unscrew the nuts after lower the window.
9. Remove the old glass.
10. Unscrew the bottom track bolt.
11. Slot the new glass into the track.
12. Line up the mounting holes with the regulator.
13. Tighten the window down.
14. Tighten the track back down.
15. Test the window.
16. Reinstall the inner seal on the window.
17. Reapply the air barrier.
18. Reattach the door panel.
19. Reinstall everything as you took it off.

So, If Auto’s side window is damaged, it cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced even the smallest crack demands the whole window to be replaced because most side windows are made of tempered glass, tempered glass cannot be repaired.

But Some are made of laminated glass, these windows can be repaired.

How long does It take to install a replacement window in Tiger Auto Repair?

– Our highly skilled technicians can fix your side window in around 90 minutes, using a glass of high quality and once the job is done you can drive away immediately.

How much does a side window replacement cost in Tiger Auto Repair?

depending on the model of your car and whether you have insurance cover.

Why should you have to fix your side window immediately?

As a broken window puts you at the mercy of the weather and exposes your car to theft.

Why Side window replacement is more common than windshield repair?

Because the glass is not as thick as the windshield.
The glass of your windshield is also too difficult to break from the inside if a person is injured and trapped within the Vehicle.
Security film
If your car’s side window has been broken, you may want to add security film to the glass after it has been replaced.
Security film is like a big piece of scotch tape. It makes it hard to break the glass as well as holds the glass together when it is broken.
Tiger Auto Repair in Mississauga, Canada offers window film services and you may ask about them.

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