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Windshield replacement

window repair
windshield replacement in Mississauga

Windshield replacement

The last method of windshield glass repair is a Windshield replacement. In this method, your old windshield Is removed and a new piece of glass is inserted. This is a job that should never be done on your own.

Reasons to get your windshield replacement in Tiger Auto Repair in Mississauga, Canada:

1. an affordable price.
2. Trained auto glass replacement technicians.
3. Use the best materials for windshield replacement. 

Steps that are followed when replacing a windshield.

1. Removing the Trim

The first step is to remove the old trim with a razor.

Windshield replacement

2. Removing the Windshield

the windshield should be lifted away from the car by Large suction cups with handles.

Windshield replacement

3. pinch weld should be cleaned out

To allow full hold of the glass. The pinch weld is the small gap between the windshield and the body Of the car.

4. Applying Urethane

acts like a glue

5. Installing the New Windshield.

The last step is to replace the windshield.

1. The new windshield Fits within the pinch weld.
2. it is pushed into place with suction cups.
3. held there for several minutes.
4. the urethane begins to set, the suction cups are removed and the windshield is allowed to cure.

steps to replace the windshield
Tiger Auto Repair for Windshield replacement

How long does the curing process take?

This process is based on the weather and the type of urethane, but most people can drive their car within an hour.

cause of damage to your windshield.

The impact of rocks or other foreign debris can cause damage to your windshield.
If your windshield has been damaged, you may be confused about how to replace the windshield.
But with Tiger Auto Repair in Canada,You don’t have to worry.

Tiger Auto Repair in Mississauga, Canada provides the highest quality windshield replacement services for our customers.

cause of damage to your windshield.

When this method is required?

1. a chip is larger than a quarter.
2. If a chip or crack has been repaired before and continues to grow.
3. Cracks may branch off of the original cracks.

Preventing windshield cracks from getting worse.

Seal The Crack With Superglue

Remember that if you take this route, you are not able to repair your glass in Tiger Auto Repair as removing super glue from glass can be impossible.


1. Remove debris from around the crack.
2. Use rubbing alcohol.
3. apply a small amount of superglue to the crack.
4. Gently get rid of any excess glue with an alcohol wipe.
5. Spread Nail Polish.

Like super glue, nail polish can be impossible to remove once it’s been applied but it prevents the propagation of the crack.

6. Avoid Exposing The Glass to Temperature fluctuations as that may spread the crack.

The best solution is to Visit Tiger Auto Repair in Mississauga, Canada For windshield replacement.

Let our team at Tiger Auto Repair fix it for you! Whether your auto glass is severely damaged or just needs a few repairs, we can take care of it. technicians at Tiger Auto Repair are certified by the Auto Glass Safety Council, they have years of experience in windshield and glass repair and other Automotive services such as collision and body repair, auto painting, and paintless dent repair.


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